Extension Cord Safety

I do many inspections in Louisville, Elizabeth town, Mt. Washington, Shelbyville, Shepherdsville, even Rineyville Ky and I come across issues that are safety related.  Many of the finds we discover

Firewood Storage Tips

I was at a friend’s house Sunday and it was cold. He decided to start a fire, and being old school he still uses wood.  That is when I realized

Power Lines in Trees

Power Line in Trees On my last inspection I noticed that the main service line from the power pole transformer for this home runs through tree branches.  It

Breaker Issues

On a recent inspection I was looking over the breaker panel when  I  noticed that there is a double tapped breaker present. A double tapped breaker is a breaker which

Crawl Space Issues

On my last inspection the home was built on a crawl space.  No inspector really likes getting into a crawl space, but if the access allows, you really need to

Sneaky Roof leaks

Inspectors are always asked 'what are some of your most interesting finds' when we discuss what we do.  To that I will begin to post some of the interesting pictures

Chimney with Storm Damage

On my last inspection I discovered that the chimney had some damage from a past storm.  This damage was fairly obvious but it made me think that it is almost

Extension Cord Safety

It is Christmas season and for many of us that means it is time to celebrate with Christmas trees, lights and many decorations.  This is also a time of the

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