Oops..Plumbing Find

Plumbing can be one of the bigger concerns for a home buyer. Most of the plumbing is hidden behind walls and under floors. On this inspection we discovered a small

Water Heater Safety Issue

Check out this latest personalized travel cups video concerning water heaters. This is the latest Louisville Ky Home Inspection find: Read more on www.portableacnerd.com


The following video will show you one reason whay you should get a home inspection. This is a home owner that tried to put in a new drain line. He

Exterior Drainage Issue

I know that this has been mentioned on the site before, but on my inspection Saturday again there were downspouts that discharged the water next to the foundation of the

Outside Faucets

I was on an inspection Friday and noticed that the front water spicket had not been turned off for the winter.  We have been fairly fortunate so far this year

Reverse Polarity Outlet

"Reverse polarity" is the term that is used when electrical wires are connected to the wrong terminals (screws) on an outlet or light. While generally not dangerous, it can become dangerous if