21 06, 2012

Vent Pipe

No vent pipe for plumbing drain On a recent Hardin County Home inspection we discovered several issues with the plumbing. We have suggested to many of the residents to

15 06, 2012

Plumbing Issues

Plumbing Issues When you do as many home inspections in Hardin County as I do, you eventually find some interesting home owner repairs.  It is a safe bet

16 05, 2012

Plumbing Vent

Plumbing Boot I see this on a regular basis and it is really a simple repair for a professional roofer.  The PVC pipe that comes out of your

17 04, 2012

Dryer Vent

On my last home inspection in Elizabethtown Ky there was a minor find that could lead to bigger issues- a missing dryer vent flap. While the issue is really minor-

31 01, 2012

Retaining Wall

This was easy to spot and fortunately this area was not longer being used for anything but some wood storage- but this is an example of a foundation wall/retaining wall

19 01, 2012

Rafter Solutions

Truss 'modification' I just completed a Radcliff Ky Home Inspection and there were a few interesting finds, however; one that was most interesting is pictured here.  The home had

11 01, 2012

Condo Inspection

I get asked all of the time by clients if it is really necessary to inspect a condo before purchase.  While it is true that many patio home/condo communities have

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