Grading Issues

Downspout Missing Splash Block On my last inspection in Elizabethtown Ky, the client and I noticed an all to familiar site- downspouts missing the splash blocks allowing water

Deck Issues and Maintenance

Today's Elizabethtown Home Inspection revealed a few items that need to be addressed this spring and may also be on your deck as well. The deck is a painted wood

Why is my roof leaking?

Saturday’s Louisville Ky home inspections really opened up a neat bag of ‘look what we found’ items.  When the buyer looked at the home the first time it was not

Deck to House Connection

When we add a deck to our home, it can add to the outdoor enjoyment; but if not done correctly can lead to misery later. On my inspection Saturday the

Dangerous Wiring

The attic of homes offer a great deal of 'home inspection finds.'  This is one of the areas that home owners try to make repairs, and out of sight out

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