When home inspectors venture into crawl spaces, attics and other contained spaces, we never really know what we will find. Many of my friends have found snakes in crawl areas (I HATE snakes), some have found interesting things in attics as well. None of the attic finds give us more pleasure than the attic ‘bucket.’ On Fridays inspection the home looked good overall and the attic had an easy access door so up I went. Nothing really scary to discover, but back in an addition section of the attic I thought that I saw a bucket. Attic buckets always give us cause to pause and ask why a bucket. The first and automatic thought is a roof leak, and 9 out of 10 times that is the case. While this bucket is strange to find in the attic, it is just something a person left behind as there was not a detectable leak present. Who knows why, but it is always fun to find an attic bucket.