Bathroom Vent Nightmare

On a recent inspection in the Elizabethtown, Kentucky area, we saw something that is more common than we would like to admit. That is a bathroom vent causing hidden damage in the attic. As you can see in this photo here, the bathroom fan vent is not properly vented outside the attic. When this happens, homeowners are usually unaware. However, a bathroom vent can cause tremendous roof decking damage, spread mold throughout your attic, and create divots in your roof. It is important to make sure that all vents, including plumbing, bathroom fans, and radon, all terminate outside the home. In this situation, we were able to point this out to the potential buyer, and added a course of action to fix the problem. While this might not be as serious as a foundation crack or a faulty furnace, this small amount of moisture can cause some unfortunate damage. This is just another reason why you should get your home inspected, and not waive the home inspection contingency in your offer. Know Before You Buy Home Inspections takes pride in finding issues big and small, and this is no different.

Bathroom Vent