Crawlspace Find

Crawlspaces are not always the most glamorous part of your home, but they serve a great purpose. While we do not like finding problems in crawlspaces, more often than not, they are where most problems are found. These areas of our homes are often forgotten about, ignored, or flat out unaware of. However, it is important that you get your crawlspace thoroughly inspected before buying or selling your home. Take a look at one of the more concerning things that we see commonly in these areas!

Crawlspace Hackery

Sometimes when we do a crawlspace we find little to no evidence of any problems, which is a good sign for the buyers. Occasionally we find a home with a clown or ghost living underneath them. However, other times we discover a bit of “hackery” While joists can be notched in certain areas to allow for plumbing, this one may not be quite right. One joist out of dozens may not present much of an issue, but this one is directly under the tub – so you may end up with a tub sized hole in the floor.

Crawlspace Find Know Before You Buy Home Inspections

Crawlspace find: damage from hacking away at a joist and floor boards 

If you need someone to go tackle the underworlds we call crawlspace at your home, then there is no one better than Know Before You Buy Home Inspections. Know Before You Buy Home Inspections services many areas in the state of Kentucky, and are just one call away when you need someone to scare out the spiders before you get underneath your home for whatever project you have planned.