Check Your Plumbing!

On a recent inspection for a great friend in Crestwood, Kentucky, we made a common discovery. This inspection find is one reason it is important to check your plumbing and get your home inspected.  While it is common to see your plumbing, especially toilets, begin to leak over time, most people have no idea. In this instance, a toilet above has most likely come slightly loose or had a wax ring failure. This causes some water damage in your sub-floor, as well as on joists and beams down below. Luckily, this home had an unfinished basement so we were able to discover this leak. Most homes with finished basements have this same issue, but they take much longer to become seen. It is important to know where your plumbing lines up when you finish your basement. If not, this small and relatively easy fix can lead to hundreds of dollars of damages. Make sure to check your plumbing down below if it is visible. We would recommend giving a quick look every 6 months or so. This will enable you to find the leak before it causes subfloor damage and cost hundreds of dollars to fix. The find here is routine for Know Before You Buy, and we are able to quickly recommend what repairs are needed and which fixture it may be from. Call Know Before You Buy Home Inspections in Kentucky to know what you are buying before you do! No one wants to move into a project!

Check Your Plumbing