Chimney Leaks

Everyone loves a chimney in their home for those cold months where they want to have a small fire to stay warm. However, just how often do you check for chimney leaks? Well, this homeowner was not one to check. And most aren’t. One of the most common issues we see in attics is leaking from the plumbing vents, chimneys, or anything else creating a break in the roof line. While these chimney leaks typically do not show up overnight, over the course of many months or years, these leaks can look scary. Most of the time, these leaks can be easily fixed as they are common, however, allowing them to go unnoticed can have grave consequences.

If you have been following our blog in the past few weeks, you would have noticed another similar situation. However, in the previous situation we saw this in, there was mold growing throughout the entire attic. Most of that decking would have to be treated or replaced, which is not cheap. So, before the snow starts caking up on your flashings, you should check your chimney for leaks. It is likely that if there is a leak, the Kentucky weather will make it worse for snow and ice. It is important to understand that this leak is common and can be fixed, however, it is necessary to catch it before there is too much damage.

Chimney Leak Solutions

Want to catch a chimney leak, but do not want to get in your attic? Or do not know exactly what to look for when you are up there? That is where Know Before You Buy Home Inspections can help. Know Before You Buy Home Inspections is a top-ranked home inspector in the Kentucky area. With over 15+ years of experience, we would gladly help solve all your inspection questions. Remember, it is key to Know Before You Buy because who knows what you are getting yourself into without a home inspection.

Chimney Leaks In Attic