On my last inspection the home was built on a crawl space.  No inspector really likes getting into a crawl space, but if the access allows, you really need to get in there and look around.  Homes built on a crawl space usually have plumbing, HVAC ducts, wiring, water lines and interesting ‘stuff.’  Some crawl spaces even have the furnace installed in them.  Inspectors find some of the most interesting engineering projects down below the home.  It is almost like ‘if you cannot see it, it will be ok.’  These are some pictures from inside the last crawl space me and Bill (my termite guy) were in.

I wonder how many wedges it takes to hold up the house?  Looks like it still needs one more! This is of course not an acceptable building standard.  I wonder how crazy Mike Holmes would have gone….

Just another day in a crawl space.