The attic of homes offer a great deal of ‘home inspection finds.’  This is one of the areas that home owners try to make repairs, and out of sight out of mind really applies here.  On my Saturday inspection I saved the attic space for last since it was an older home and I expected to get a little dirty. The attic had a set of  stairs present so the attic had easy access and when things appear easy, they usually are not.  I was greeted at the top of the steps with the wire you see in the picture.  This wire was directly above the attic access entrance and if I had not been alert, this live wire could have easily caused a shock and possible fall from the attic.  Had the buyer been placing items in the attic, it could have been a tragic situation.  There are a few repairs that should be left to professionals and wiring is one of those.

Now this is an easy repair for the sellers electrician to make as this wire should terminate in an approved electrical.  When buying a home, new or older, please get it inspected to ensure you do not get shocked, either literally or by chance.