I know that this has been mentioned on the site before, but on my inspection Saturday again there were downspouts that discharged the water next to the foundation of the home. The downspouts will produce large amounts of water over time and if the discharge water is let flow along the foundation walls, over time trouble will appear. The solution is simple, you can either install some of the downspout extenders found at retail outlets, or if you have a fairly steep grade, you can install underground pipes.

The same is true of your sump pump discharge tube. I find many of these terminating at the foundation. Keep in mind that most sump pumps are installed to remove water from the foundation perimeter through a drain tile system. IF your discharge tube is simply dumping the water back against the foundation then what good is the drain? This can be solved in most cases by simply extending the tube away from the foundation. Get the tube out about 24″ and that should help.

You need to do all that you can to reduce the amount of water that is running against you foundation. Water is the enemy of your home.