Inspectors are always asked ‘what are some of your most interesting finds’ when we discuss what we do.  To that I will begin to post some of the interesting pictures that I have found on my latest inspections.  Some of these things will be from the wierd, other pictures and descriptions will be for informational purposes. These will be things you should look for in your own home to prevent issues.

Look at this first picture, see the towel at the base of the PVC piping, also the nice little water trap on the pipe.  In this attic there was also a nice, plastic sheets to help with water control from the many roof leaks.  Roof leaks that on a casual pass though a home you would not see.  These are reasons why you should hire a professional home inspector to inspect you potential new home.  There would be no indications from the home that these leaks were present.

Keep looking for more ‘Things We Find”