Support Beams

On a residential home inspection recently in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, we found something interesting on some support joists in a crawl space. These engineer lumber joists are supposed to be significantly stronger than traditional joists in older homes. However, these engineered lumber joists are only effective when they are intact. As you can see in the photo, these joist has seen better days. The deflection in the floor of the primary bedroom and bathroom was a tell-tale sign of an issue in the supports of the home. These repairs can be extremely costly, as there were multiple joists like this on this particular home. Do not ignore signs of damage on your home’s support, as it can cause significant foundation problems, as well as leave cracks and uneven floors above. Know Before You Buy Home Inspections is your most trusted home inspection company in Kentucky. We leave no stone unturned and find significant problems like this one so you don’t have to! Take the guess work out of home buying and use Know Before You Buy Home Inspections so you are not surprised when moving in!

Support Beams Cracking In Crawlspace