Saturday’s Louisville Ky home inspections really opened up a neat bag of ‘look what we found’ items.  When the buyer looked at the home the first time it was not raining, and as you know this past Saturday it was raining pretty good.  As an inspector, I actually like the rainy days since it tends to show more potential issues that will only arise when it is raining.  Most of the issues can be resolved fairly easily, but it is best to know those before making a purchase.

As we were getting into the home, the buyer and I discussed the trees overhanging the roof line and the need to cut those back some to prevent branches from falling on the roof and damaging it.  We stepped inside to drop off my computer and set up the inspection when noticed that the ceiling was wet and actually had a drips coming from it.   The roof on this home looked almost brand new, but did have some leaves and other debris from the tree lying along the valley.  The buyer and I went back outside to see if there was an issue, and guess what-a tree branch had fallen from the tree and punctured the new roof.  There was only about an inch or two of the branch sticking out of the roof and on first glance, and the roof having debris on it, the branch was not obvious.

This is actually an easy repair of the roof, but there was some damage to the homes plaster (this was a 100 year old home still had plaster ceilings) and it would have to be removed to see how much repair was needed.  A lesson here is to keep your trees trimmed above the roof line.Find our more about roof inspections and aluminium gutters on