Dryer Vents

Dryer vents… everyone has them, but no one pays attention to them. In fact, could you even, without looking, tell us where your dryer vent comes out of your house? Well, if you are like most of us, the answer would be an overwhelming ‘no.’ And this is the case for most things that you know are there subconsciously, but do not put much thought into it. This can, however, lead to some severe consequences. In fact, in the case of dryer vents, if yours is clogged, not only will your clothes not get dry, but your dryer will actually work harder to perform worse. Not to mention, if your dyer vent is the incorrect material, it can cause catastrophic consequences such as fire. In the instance of this home, you can see that fire could be a likely situation.

As heat, static, lint and more builds up inside the dryer vent, performance deteriorates and risks increase. In this case, we see a PVC pipe being used as part of the dryer vent. This is actually one of the most dangerous materials to use for your dryer vent. PVC can be a dangerous material for a dryer vent because of static. The static keeps the lint from being pushed out of the dryer vent and allows the lint to build up inside. In fact, this is one of the most common causes of dryer fires. Lint builds up with continued use, and no regular maintenance or cleaning can completely clog these PVC vents. In this case, a fire could be around the corner. It is important to check your dryer vent to ensure it is the proper, straight metal piping and leads outside your house. In many instances on homes with crawl spaces, we see that their dryer vent vents into the crawl space. Ensure that yours does not do this as well.

Know Who To Call

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Dryer Vents Can Be Dangerous