I was at a friend’s house Sunday and it was cold. He decided to start a fire, and being old school he still uses wood.  That is when I realized that I need to post this tip: Keep you firewood out of your garage and away from your home.  I may be convenient to have in your garage or lying against your back wall, but this is a recipe for trouble.

One of the most important firewood storage tips is to keep the wood at least 20 feet from your home and at least several inches off the ground. Firewood attracts a number of insects, including termites and carpenter ants, and you don’t want these bugs making a home in your walls or garage.  Once you have termites or carpenter ants they can be a costly pest to remove. For more tips on this and roof replacements visit www.flatrooferservices.co.uk

Also do not throw firewood into a lose pile. This makes a good home for rodents and various small varmints such opossums and raccoons and even some snakes.  Raccoons have sharp teeth and claws, carry rabies, and can wreak havoc on a garage or roof, so you don’t want to do anything that attracts them and makes them want to hang around your yard.

Remember that it is a great time of year for roasting chestnuts on an open fire, just keep in mind that the wood you are using can invite pests into your home.  Keep it a safe distance away and you should be safe.