Check Your HVAC Filters

For anyone with a central HVAC system, we are sure that you regularly change your HVAC filter. However, while we can assume that everyone does this, it is actually something many homeowners struggle to remember to replace. Replacing your HVAC filter should be done regularly, as a clogged filter will impact system performance, can negatively impact the life of your system, and leave your home dusty and full of allergens. What Know Before You Buy Home Inspections recommends to clients is to change this filter every time you receive your electric bill. While this may seem excessive, these HVAC filters should actually be changed about every 30 days.

Which HVAC Filter Should You Buy?

Some may be asking, “What if I buy a 3 month filter? What if I buy a super-duty filter that is supposed to last longer and collect more?” Well, let us think about it. If we were to buy a filter that traps more pollutants, how would it last longer? Something that is supposed to collect more and last longer seems counterintuitive. While some of these filters are good, especially for those with pets and allergies, it is still recommended to change these filters monthly, if at all possible. Amazon sells these filters, and you can actually buy 12 a time, or sign up for a monthly subscription. And if you do not want to buy from Amazon, any hardware store will sell these filters in the size you need, and often times in multi-packs. So, next time you get the chance, check your HVAC filter to ensure the best use of your system. For any home inspection needs in Kentucky, or for any tips and tricks from the 15+ years of experience, feel free to call Know Before You Buy Home Inspections.

HVAC Filter Clog Found During Residential Home Inspection