Inspection Agreement (PDF)

Know Before You Buy Home Inspection Services Goal:

This I Promise:

There is little chance that before you hire a home inspector, you will have actually met. You and I will probably meet for the first time at your prospective home and I know that this can be unnerving. That makes choosing the right home inspector all that more important. Keep in mind that different inspectors have varying qualifications, may use different equipment, different levels of experience, employee various types of inspection reports, and we will more than likely have different pricing. There is one thing that I know for certain, and that is home inspections done correctly require a great deal of work and training. All things considered, a quality inspection will rely on the inspectors own efforts. By choosing me to inspect your prospective home, I promise that I will give you my very best effort.

Timothy Mattingly

Owner/Lead Inspector Know Before You Buy Home Inspections

KBYB has one goal and that is to help our clients make an informed decision on their home purchase. Being locally, independently owned and operated allows Know Before You Buy the freedom to accurately report on the condition of the home without outside influence. Know Before You Buy follows the strict NACHI Standards of Performance and the Code of Ethics. KBYB’s inspectors have passed the National Home Inspectors exam and the NACHI entrance exam and abide by the continuing education requirements.

What To Expect:

All of our clients are offered free telephone consultation after the inspection. We wholeheartedly encourage you to accompany your inspector during the inspection. The inspection provides an invaluable learning and discovery experience during which your questions can be answered on the spot. You will gain insight into maintenance and energy conservation tailored specifically to your home.

Know Before You Buy Home Inspection Services offers:

The latest equipment and technology available in both the inspection and reporting processes. Some of the benefits include:

  • Digital photography
  • Computer-generated inspections & reports
  • Specialized home inspection software
  • Clean,& concise reports that are easy-to-read and understand
  • Reports emailed same day as inspection