At Know Before You Buy Home Inspections we charge based on the time it takes us to complete the inspection, not your zip code or price of the home you are buying. We do not care that the home is located in an expensive area of town or a less expensive area; we only care about you and your potential purchase.
Our prices are based on the fact that it takes Know Before You Buy longer than most inspectors do to the level of detail that goes into your report.
Just look at a page from a cheap inspection report: <a rel=”attachment wp-att-233″ href=””><strong><em><span style=”color: #0000ff;”>$150 Report</em></strong></a><span style=”color: #0000ff;”> compared to a page from a professional report: <a rel=”attachment wp-att-236″ href=””><em><strong><span style=”color: #0000ff;”>Professional Report</strong></em></a>
This is your last chance to have the home evaluated before you close and this is a huge step in the process, at Know Before You Buy we take that responsibility very seriously.
If you are price shopping there are several questions you need to ask of any inspector before making your decision:
  • Ask if the home inspector carries errors and omission insurance and general liability insurance. We do-and ask if they can prove it with documentation provided by the insurance company-we can. Part-time inspectors cannot afford all of the coverage that full-time inspectors can.
  • Ask if they do home inspections full time. Part-time inspectors just do not get enough inspections to keep up with the latest trends and issues facing potential home buyers.
  • Do they offer computer reporting or do they still use the old style hand-written reports.  Hand-written reports do not provide the level of detail you need in todays real estate transactions.  They offer a one house one template mentality and this just is not effective anymore.
  • Do they offer room by room reporting in the process? Know Before You Buy reports include room by room data that is much easier to understand and read.
If you are only looking at price when deciding on your inspector you will get what you pay for.  The difference in price can be as little as $50 to $100 and this could be the difference in quality vs. cheap.
At Know Before You Buy we are competitively priced, but we are not the cheapest.  If you are looking simply for the cheapest, we are not for you. If you are looking for a detailed, comprehensive and thorough home inspection, then there is only one answer: Know Before You Buy or it may be too late…..