If you plan on buying a home in Bardstown KY, it is important that you have the complete picture of what you’re buying. A home inspection helps you to identify weaknesses in your home. If there are minor weaknesses, you can negotiate for a lower price. If, however, the problems are significant, you have the option to look for a different home. An inspection starts from the roof of your new house, and down to its foundation. It is meant to ensure that the heating, plumbing, electric, and other systems function as they should. If you are looking for home inspection experts, consider getting our services.

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Indoor Air Quality Evaluation

Poor indoor air quality may be harmful to your health. Poor indoor air quality may be more harmful to you than poor outdoor air quality because you spend most of your time indoors. We help you get to the root of the problem. Poor ventilation may be the cause, but that’s not always the case. Our team offers indoor air quality evaluation for both commercial and residential properties. We use advanced technology to ensure that you breathe air that is free of contaminants.

Home Inspection Services

If you plan on buying a new home, our agents will help you conduct a full home inspection in your new property. We help you settle your doubts about problems such as poor systems, mold, cracks in the foundation, and more. We have performed many home inspections for new homeowners, home sellers, and real estate officials. We do our best to address your concerns and give you the confidence you need to make the next step and become a new homeowner.

Water Testing Services

We perform water testing services for your property in Bardstown KY. We help you to determine whether or not water from your tap is suitable for consumption. This test protects your health and that of your family. Tap water may appear clean, but that is not always the case. It may contain bacteria and dissolved pollutants. We also inspect water from your well. We are available at all times because we realize that your family’s health is an important matter. After a water testing service, we will provide you with a detailed report explaining the contaminants that are present in your drinking water, and how you can make the water safer.

Bardstown, KY

Bardstown, KY is a beautiful city with amazing people, pleasant weather, and many attractions for all age groups. Some of the popular entertainment spots include My Old Kentucky Home State Park and Kentucky Railway Museum. The city in the heart of Kentucky is the perfect place of residence for someone that is looking for a mixture of city life and the tranquility and homeliness of an old town. Bardstown is the second oldest city.
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