The home inspection business involves various aspects that seek to assess the quality of a home before a purchase is done. It involves visual examination of the place and offering detailed information on the suitability of the home with regard to the client’s needs. Such services are readily available in Louisville, KY which is the largest city in the state of Kentucky. It has an estimated population of nearly six hundred thousand people, according to United States Census Bureau. The syndicate further shows that Louisville, KY has nearly two hundred and forty thousand households with an average of two persons per household. If you are looking for a home inspector in Louisville, then call Know Before You Buy Home Inspections for the best Louisville home inspection service.

Its residents can easily access these services especially with the availability of companies like Know Before You Buy Home Inspections. With its team of highly qualified and efficient inspectors, it is able to perform routine duty and give information about the home.

Safety of the House

Inspectors offer an assessment and determine if the home is fit to be occupied. Factors such as strength of the walls and the current state of structures like pillars or balconies give an indication of safety of the home. Features that may promote accidents like a slippery floor or a loosely fitted roof are noted in the report.

Exterior Design

Know Before You Buy Home Inspection Services provide details of the state in which the house looks from the outside. Things like proper security lights, conditions of the door and garden space are provided to the client. Elements such as state of the exterior walls are clearly indicated and availed upon request. For houses that contain swimming pools, information on availability of clean water and consistency in its supply is adequately noted.


The ever-prepared team of inspectors visually examine the drainage systems of the house and ensure that information regarding drainage of sinks and bathrooms are well documented.

Electrical Wiring

Details of electrical appliances with regard to bulbs and sockets are properly outlined. Information on wiring of rooms is given and particulars such as exposed electrical wires are duly noted by Know Before You Buy Home Inspections.

Interior Design

Elements of the house such as condition of the staircase and state of the ceiling are properly recorded and issued to the client. Floor space is also noted. Aspects that can be changed to suit the client’s preference such as color of the walls are also outlined. Partitioning of the rooms is given a keen eye and fittings such as window frames and the type of locks on the doors are highlighted.

Parking Space

Certain clients may prefer an in-built parking for their vehicles and we provide such information. Individuals who however leave their cars outside may need intel on available front space of the house. All these details are provided by inspectors in their reports.


Know Before You Buy Home Inspections offers fast and reliable services on knowledge of a house before it is bought by a client. Its vast level of operation ensures customer satisfaction and guarantees sufficient visual examination of the property before sale.

The company offers residents of Louisville, KY an opportunity to link with Real Estate professionals. This ensures protection of the clients during house purchase transactions and provides a window to educate the clients on the type of house they are about to buy.

It gives a sense of security to home sellers and home buyers and this creates a conducive environment to conduct any presumed business. It is highly recommended for those seeking to start families or move to Louisville, KY for permanent settlement. Contact Know Before You Buy Home Inspections and experience the best service.

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