11 01, 2012

Condo Inspection

I get asked all of the time by clients if it is really necessary to inspect a condo before purchase.  While it is true that many patio home/condo communities have

9 03, 2011

Deck to House Connection

When we add a deck to our home, it can add to the outdoor enjoyment; but if not done correctly can lead to misery later. On my inspection Saturday the

15 02, 2011

Dangerous Wiring

The attic of homes offer a great deal of 'home inspection finds.'  This is one of the areas that home owners try to make repairs, and out of sight out

7 02, 2011

Fan Venting Issues

Vent fans are great in bathrooms.  They allow you to vent out of the room steam and moisture from showers and allow for ventilation in what can be an other

1 02, 2011

Attic ‘Bucket’

When home inspectors venture into crawl spaces, attics and other contained spaces, we never really know what we will find. Many of my friends have found snakes in crawl areas

24 01, 2011

Water Heater Safety Issue

Check out this latest personalized travel cups video concerning water heaters. This is the latest Louisville Ky Home Inspection find: Read more on www.portableacnerd.com

22 01, 2011


The following video will show you one reason whay you should get a home inspection. This is a home owner that tried to put in a new drain line. He

17 01, 2011

Exterior Drainage Issue

I know that this has been mentioned on the site before, but on my inspection Saturday again there were downspouts that discharged the water next to the foundation of the

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